I have to say when I first got this dress I was not in love with it. I liked it but not in love. Since summer hit Calgary though I have been wearing it pretty often. It’s quickly become one of my favourite items in my closet. I’ve dressed it up with heels or worn it with a pair of sneakers.

The dress is from Make it Good Apparel. An independent brand based in Portland, OR. The dresses are made from materials sourced in the US and made in their own factory in Portland.

I got the dress from Garmentory  which sells clothes from independent brands. They also have free shipping to US and Canada. They have a lot of incredible designers. I’ve bought a couple items from them and have my eyes on a few other things.

I’m usually picking colours and bright dresses. In my journey to slow fashion though I have learned to stick to neutral colours so I can wear them with different things. I love that this dress though its patterns are cute & make it pop. 🙂

PRO TIP: Invest in your clothes. Think of it as you would a significant purchase. Buy something that will last. That you will love for ages. Also don’t forget trends cycle so something that was out of style can come back in style.

Know yourself + Know why you shop = Intentionality

Intentionality is a process. It is also a process that is applicable to different things like slow eating, slow fashion, good money stewardship etc. I have been learning and failing and learning this truth for the past two years.



I cannot wait to wear this dress for years to come. That is one thing about investing in quality pieces, the investment is worth it! 🙂